Being responsible in business

About us

ALFANOOS HOLDING, LLC aspire to have businesses that contribute to developing our society and our country, not be geared solely towards generating profits. We expect our companies to observe and contribute to creating a sustainable economy, including by creating the stimulating opportunities for young men and women that can help them build their professional careers. We will encourage the businesses that follow through on this commitment to participate in our country and to address national challenges.



About us

From Vision to Value . long-term relationships are built on strong chemistry. And our desire to collaborate sets ALFANOOS apart in our industry.

We form relationships built on the curiosity and empathy needed to understand customer challenges, both big and small.

We recognize what is important, delivering answers that are tailored and cost-efficient.

Our vision is to be the preferred leader in Tool & Industrial Equipment’s.


About us

Our mission is to responsibly provide quality products and services through innovation, learning and operational excellence while sustaining maximum value for our valuable costumers.


About us

With uncompromising integrity as our foundation we will: Inspire, Engage, and Deliver.


This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our Company, reflecting the pride we, as ALFANOOS employees across the Kingdom, have in our continuing growth and current success. It conveys our sense of mission and vision – to become the preferred Kingdom leader in Tool & Industrial Equipment’s.

The ALFANOOS culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements. From the Company’s start in 1971 to the present day, our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate and a relentless drive for growth. As a company with around 200 employees taken from many different countries and backgrounds, our business meets the needs of customers in over Kingdom. Every day, our tools touch the lives of hundreds of people all around the Kingdom-fundamental to improving our quality of life.

Through our website, you will discover our commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia communities.

These are exciting times for ALFANOOS and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature as you browse through this website.




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